Rock Club World Crystal Teacher Training

Imagine a world where 500 Rock Clubs twinkle across the globe, each illuminating the minds of around 300 children.

Picture these little stars, sharing their newfound crystal wisdom with family and friends, creating a cosmic ripple effect.

That's 150,000 bright minds, stepping out into the world with a heightened understanding of nature, elevating the consciousness of our dear Planet Earth.

crystals and magnifying glass


Ever dreamt of kick-starting your own heart-centred venture working with kids, but not sure where to dive in?

Are you fuelled by the passion to craft a brighter world for our little ones?

Do crystals make your heart skip a beat?

Ready to connect with a tribe of kindred spirits around the globe, all on a mission to make positive waves?

rock club world teacher

Why not take the plunge into the growing Rock Club World community and start your own Rock Club?

All you need to start this magical journey are vibes as warm as sunshine - think empathy, kindness, and a sprinkle of great communication skills.

London Rock Club teacher with children

become a crystal-preneur

Here's why it's a total gem...

• Dive into the world of business ownership, where you're the boss and your creativity knows no bounds!

• Spread the sparkle of holistic healing and crystals, making a real difference in little hearts and minds.

• Forget rigid schedules and boring routines! With a Rock Club, you can work when you want, where you want, and how you want, giving you the freedom to dance to your own beat.

• Earn some extra sparkle with workshop fees, cool merchandise sales, and more - hello financial freedom!

• Running a Rock Club isn't just about teaching kids - it's about learning and growing yourself! From problem-solving to leadership skills, you'll level up in ways you never imagined.

• Build bonds with fellow teachers, parents, and little ones, creating a supportive tribe that's full of love and laughter.

crystal teacher training

In a nutshell, starting a Rock Club isn't just a job - it's a journey filled with joy, growth, and goodness!

No prior teaching experience is necessary, as full training will be given. What matters most is your passion and willingness to learn.

We do, however, kindly request that you have access to a secure and professional space suitable for conducting our magical workshops.

And, of course, a love of crystals is a prerequisite - after all, they're at the heart of Rock Club World!

Rock Club World workshop with children and teacher, Jade Marsh

holistic teacher training

Start your journey as a Rock Club World teacher with our comprehensive training program.

Here's what's waiting for you...

• Fun-filled sessions combining personalized one-to-one guidance with online magic at your own pace. Start your training whenever you feel the cosmic alignment.

• Downloadable and printable PDFs, perfect for sharing the crystal healing love with your little crystal enthusiasts.

crystal healing children

• Exclusive entry to the Teacher's Portal, a digital treasure chest of goodies - workshop plans, training videos, pics, charts, printables, and more than one hundred resources.

• Quarterly Zoom parties where you can mingle with fellow Rock Club World teachers.

• Ongoing support to launch your Rock Club dreams into orbit.

All this for just £1,350 - and we've even got payment plans up to 6 months.

Jade Marsh teaching children at Ibiza Spirit Festival

our mission

At Rock Club World we're on a mission to empower kids with the amazing magic of crystals, showing them how to unleash their own healing superpowers.

As we stride into a new era and higher consciousness, these little changemakers are the pioneers of the New Earth.

Fuelled by natural curiosity and wonder, our teachers nurture qualities like love, compassion, honesty, and self-expression.

Curious to hear more about our Teacher Training and to be part of our crystal movement?
Drop us a message and let's chat!

young children and teacher with crystals